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  • Rundfahrten
  • Jubiläen, Hochzeiten, Geburtstage
  • Musikfahrten
  • Partys / Feiern im kleineren Rahmen

Together with PS “Diesbar”, the Paddle Steamer “Krippen” is one of just two single-deck steamers in the Dresden fleet. Since 2000 the ship has been back on the Elbe in Saxony, previously it sailed for 20 years on rivers in other regions of Germany. The steamer features two lovely and comfortably furnished salons below deck.

available places

98 Innenplätze (Tischplätze) 117 Außenplätze Außenplätze ohne Tisch 80 Außenplätze ohne Tisch (überdacht)


  • 2 cozy salons with nostalgic flair and lovely wooden ornaments
  • Heating in both salons
  • Spacious fresh air decks with elegant wooden fixtures, partially sheltered
  • Lovely wooden ornaments and a generally historic flair
  • Onboard kiosk


  • Open view of the historic steam engine
  • Small windows to view the splashing paddle wheels
  • Lovely wooden ornaments
  • Authentic steam whistle
  • One of only two single deck steamers in the fleet

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