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Port Blasewitz

The Place

Blasewitz is one of the most elegant neighborhoods in Dresden. The primary landmarks are the three towering castles of Albrechtsberg, Lingnerschloss and Eckberg, which are all perched on a hill high above the river banks. The Loschwitz Bridge, commonly just referred to as the “Blue Wonder” is another impressive fixture. It is a steel suspension bridge originally built in 1893. It sits 15 meters above the river and has a length of 142 meters.

Sightseeing Tips

Along both banks of the river at Blasewitz, you will find well maintained foot and bike paths. One of the primary attractions of the nearby Loschwitz neighborhood is the unique Schwebebahn, a technically remarkable aerial cableway dating from 1901. The Schwebebahn will take you over a length of 274 meters and a vertical climb of 84 meters to the Loschwitzhöhe, where you may enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Nearby is also more conventional funicular. Both Blasewitz and Loschwitz are home to numerous elegant villas, many of them built in an enduring Art Noveau style from the early 20th century.


downstream left side

address: Tolkewitzer Straße/ Kretschmerstraße 01277 Dresden

parking options: "Schillergarten" parking area

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